Still not sure how our service works? Here’s an overview on what goes on when you book Family Home Doctors.

The purpose of Medical Deputising Services like us, Family Home Doctors, is to reduce the strain on emergency department waiting rooms.

When you’re sick and your GP is closed, but you don’t feel urgent enough to go to hospital, what do you do? Do you know about the other options available?

That’s where Family Home Doctors’ comes in, to fill the gap between general practice and hospital.  With a wait time of generally 1-4 hours, this provides a significantly reduced waiting time in comparison to emergency departments.

Our doctors visit patients in their homes who have urgent medical needs in the after hours period, who cannot wait until the morning to see their regular GP. Our list of services can be found here. We service all of metropolitan South Australia, and our area of coverage can be found here.

For a step by step process of how FHD works, look to the infographic below:

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