Our Vision

A Stronger Healthcare Industry

To work collaboratively with all healthcare related practitioners, commissioning bodies and professional associations, towards the common goal of better health and wellbeing for people living in Australia. To respect the market space of related providers and work together for the greater good of patients.

Timely Medical Access for All

To complement existing medical services and meet the unending need for medical care at times they cannot be available. Further, to create a better awareness of the existence of after hours medical deputising services like our own, to ensure patients understand the options available to them in times of need.

A Healthy Working Environment

To provide a superior quality of medical service by creating a safe, positive and rewarding working environment for our entire team, and thereby foster a culture of self-­ motivation, teamwork, professionalism and growth.

Humanity in Healthcare

To understand the stress experienced by patients in times of ill health, and to alleviate this as much as possible with empathy and a calming, friendly rapport. To understand the level of trust a patient feels for their regular doctor, and to strive to provide this same level of reassurance in their absence.

Lawful, Professional Conduct

To adhere to the professional, lawful practices as prescribed by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) code of conduct, and all relatable laws and regulations — and to set personal standards above and beyond these minimum requirements to ensure we exceed the expectations of our patients, stakeholders and shareholders.

Rewarding Our Shareholders

To maintain a successful, sustainable service offering that provides a high quality of care, while providing a solid return on investment for the shareholders who have made and continue to make this venture possible.