From February 1st 2019, our operating hours are changing.

Our new operating hours from 1st February 2019 are as follows:

Doctor Consultation & Call Centre Hours

Monday to Friday — from 6 pm

Saturday — from 12 pm

Sunday and Public Holidays — all day

We have staff operating the phones 24 hours to mitigate any enquiry.

This will be reflected on our website, social media and phone messages from 1st February.

Our doctors will still be conducting home visits during the same period (from 6pm on weeknights, from 12pm on Saturdays and 24 hours on Sundays and Public Holidays). The only change is no longer being able to book from 4pm on weeknights or from 10am on Saturdays.

We thank you for your patience during this change over - we will endeavour to ensure these changes don't impact your experience with our service.