The importance of having a regular GP

Having a regular GP means you have a medical professional who knows you - they know your medical history and will see you more often than our locum doctors will. Your GP is not only there to resolve any health related issues, but also to provide expert advice on your physical and mental well being, and how to ensure you lead a healthy lifestyle. Chronic conditions are managed by your GP, and along with this your GP can create a Health Care Management Plan to suit your lifestyle. Your GP also knows about local health services in your area which they can refer you to if need be.

Family Home Doctors works to fill the gap when your regular GP is closed and you require urgent medical care. We connect with clinics around Adelaide so that you are aware of all your care options during the after hours period. Some clinics divert their phone calls to us when they are closed, and therefore your call may come through to us when you intended to call your regular GP. We provide these clinics with our materials to put in their waiting rooms, so that you can have access to all the information you need.

Within 24 hours of your visit from one of our doctors, your consultation notes are sent to your regular GP via fax or HealthLink. This is to ensure your doctor is fully informed of your visit and any medical concerns, in order to have continuous care.

We regularly gather feedback from our connected clinics to improve how we work alongside them, and how we can better provide support in the after hours. You can provide your GP feedback about our service, and they will pass this along to us. Alternatively, you can contact us directly with any feedback you have here.