Patient Survey

In August 2021 we undertook a patient survey to find out what you thought about us and how we could improve what we do.

There were two key areas where you thought we could be better:

1. The time it takes for a doctor to get to you

The time it takes for a doctor to reach you is often tied to the number of doctors we have available. Our key focus in providing consistency of care to the community is increasing the number of doctors on our roster – the more doctors we have the less wait times. We are encouraging our current cohort of doctors to recommend their colleagues but we also have a program of engaging with communities of doctors to make sure they understand how after-hours home visit practices work and how working for us can support their lifestyle. Our aim is to visit every patient within 4 hours of their booking.

2. Information on staying healthy

We have discussed this with our doctor team and asked them to make sure you are asked whether you would like further information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and particularly areas of information you would like. While the doctor is able to provide you advice, if we find that there are specific areas of information that is often required, we will consider developing information flyers to leave with you.